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Crossing Arrows Lovers, Meet Megan Luster

I am pleased to introduce you to our new Marketing Manager, Megan Luster.  Megan is not only our Marketing Manager, she is my sister and the mother to my gorgeous niece, Emma. 💗 Megan will be managing the social media for Crossing Arrows.
A little bit about Megan...she and her husband, Matt, have one daughter, Emma, who is two-years-old.  Megan received her BSN from Avila University and worked for KU Med on the mother/baby unit until she decided to be a stay-at-home mom (one of the most important jobs in the world, in my opinion).  Megan has experience working with e-commerce companies and will still be staying home with our sweet Emma, but will be taking over the social media for us as well!  Megan is as passionate about children as we are and has diligently learning all things marketing.  We are thrilled!

Got a burning question relating to Crossing Arrows?  Megan is only an email away -

Some fun sister facts:
Megan is almost 8 years younger than me.  I u…

Graphic Tees With Purpose

We are so pleased to announce that Crossing Arrows has partnered with GOEX to produce our line of graphic tees...with a purpose.  GOEX is a part of The Global Orphan Project, Inc.  GO is a Christina, global, nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for local children and families in crising, from Kansas City to Kampala.

GOEX creates apparel pairing super soft, American-made fabric from the cotton fields of South Carolina, with fits designed for the kind of basic comfort that looks as good as it feels.  But, beyond a comfortable "go-to" tee, they create living wage jobs in Haiti and the United States.

Your Crossing Arrows purchase, thanks to GOEX, employs skilled apparel makers who cut and sew premium fabric at an apparel manufacturing facility in Haiti.  Your graphic tee also supports employees at their screen-printing and distribution center in the heart of Kansas City.  These jobs enable employees to care for their own families through dignified work.

With every Crossin…

When to Tell Your Child About Adoption

As many of you know from reading Allie’s adoption story, I adopted Allie from my sister and had her from day one.Adoption brings with it a series of emotions that are truly hard to put into words.My sister asked me to adopt Allie when she was almost five months pregnant.Without hesitation I said yes.I just knew this was God’s plan and we had no idea the blessings Allie would bring to our family and everyone she meets.She really is a remarkable child.My mom always tells her she was a rosebud in heaven just waiting to be bloomed and a very special rosebud she was.
If you’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Allie, you’re missing out.Her spirit is unlike any I have met in a child.Sure, I may be biased, but I have met few like her.
After the incredible and emotional adoption took place, July 15, 2011 (there is a six-month guardianship process in the state of Missouri) we were living and loving life.Allie was the easiest baby and she had a disposition that would make people stop in their track…

The Beauty in Everything Tour

We are beyond excited for what is in store for 2018!  Watch out Kansas City...we are coming for you and to other major're next! The best is yet to come!

Have a Lovely Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? Allie is in Atlanta for the weekend with her dad for a work trip and Christmas party.We lived there for a while and we loved it.The south, the warmth, the trees…Oh I am ready to go back!We finished up our Christmas decorating as it is our FAVORITE time of the year! Have you all decorated?We always put up the tree the day after Halloween.Yeah, we are those people.Hope you have a good weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…
This made me cry uncontrollably…what a man Carson Wentz is!!Grab your tissues.
This movie looks hilarious and at times reminds me of some exchanges with my sweet Grace.
The secret to happiness is helping others.
Hot toys for Christmas 2017
The most unique Christmas traditions from around the world
24 stories about the touching kindness of strangers that’ll make you tear up
Living with Asperger’s Syndrome: A sister’s story
If you don’t follow @celestebarber on Instagram…you are seriously missing out.She is HILARIOUS!
6 strict…

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Every morning I stand on the steps of our home, sipping my coffee, and watch my 12-year-old walk to the bus stop in the dark.This morning as I watched her, I was suddenly more aware than ever that my baby girl is growing up…and fast.She stands 5’8” tall and will most likely surpass me in height.So, her height always makes her appear older than she is and as she made her way to the bus stop, her silhouette was illuminated by the street light and I felt as though I was going to blink, and she was going to be walking away from me to start the journey we call life.And I panicked for a moment…is she ready, have I raised her with the tools she needs to succeed, have I been a good mother, have I prepared her mind, body and soul to take on the challenges that we are constantly presented with in life, will she be a self-sufficient, god-fearing woman?
It’s terrifying at times to think that as parents we have the greatest impact on our children’s lives. But then I took a deep breathe and felt co…