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Welcome to my 1988 Cape Cod

Come on in!
Welcome to my home.  I bought my 1988 Cape Cod home almost two years ago with a big vision…to update our home one room at a time.  It is located in my favorite neighborhood in my city and the moment I stepped foot into it, I knew it was meant to be…I felt at home. 

I thought I would have the entire house done by now, but didn’t anticipate how time consuming it would be, so I’ve learned to be patient and not overwhelm myself with the work.  The other dilemma I ran into was that the funds I had allocated to the remodel have been reallocated to my new and growing business, Crossing Arrows. 

Even though the home was move in ready, I was basically walking into an 80s dream home filled with 80s upgrades that are now outdated.  Each room was highlighted with floral and lots of it, mauve walls, 80s wallpaper, pink 80s carpet, and small mosaic tile countertops (enter dry heave) but it was also so very charming with raised wainscot paneling, decorative wood coffered ceilings, wood burning fireplace and a bay window in the dining room.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this beauty.
(Here are some pre-renovation pictures from the realtor listing when I bought the house,
just to give you a glimpse into the canvas I had to work with).

Instead of updating our home one room at a time, I got in and did exactly what I am opposed to…starting a project in every room at the same time and work my way through them.  I love organization and believe that a job should be finished prior to moving to the next, but there was SO much I wanted to do, that I couldn’t bear working on just one room at a time.  Now, having unfinished projects in Every.Single.Room because of the hustle and bustle of life, I have decided to go back to my initial approach of finishing one room before moving to the next. No stress, no pressure. It’s fine, I’m calm, stop telling me to calm down…. no you’re yelling… Anyway.

Just a little glimpse into what has been done and what is to come for our home, you will see a gray and white pallet throughout, with the exception of Allie’s Kansas City Royals bedroom 😊.  I will also be adding dark hardwood flooring, designer patterned carpet on stairs, new railings and spindles, converting every piece of dark wood trim to white, updating the bathrooms and kitchen, adding new recessed lighting, painting the exterior, replacing the rotting fence, redoing the cobblestone driveway and eventually finishing the basement.

There is loads more I plan to share, but I don’t want to ramble on endlessly here today. You’ll just have to check back in with me to see it all play out.

And for the love of all things holy…don’t have any huge expectations for me to offer you perfectly decorated rooms with beautiful displays of art because I am frugal to a fault, so bear with me as I get my renovations complete before I start planning gallery walls.  Thank you for stopping by. I hope you’ll be back for more and more.
The rest of the before pictures from the listing


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